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By design.

Life leads you down many paths, but the best paths lead you to Italy. As a family affair rooted in Rome, we design bespoke itineraries for clients to unlock the true Italia. The local, hidden, special and spectacular.



Born and based in Rome, we (Angelo Amorico and my two sons Simone and Marco) have a contagious passion and love for Italy that spreads across the whole Access Italy team.
Sharing a place with someone is one of life’s small-but-powerful acts of kindness. An act based on respect, attentiveness and joy. Because when someone asks for a recommendation, they're implicitly saying: “I value your opinion. I trust that you'll understand what I need. I want to see a place that’s made you happy.”
This is why we take such great care over, and pride in, our work.Great recommendations build great connections, and this is the foundation of every viaggio we craft: experiences that bond people forever. These experiences are brought to life by the incredible team and family we’re proud to have at Access Italy.

Designed for you. Delivered by locals.

Every itinerary is based around a client, never a pre-made template. And while each viaggio is different, here's a rough overview of how we work...

Explore Italy, one gelato at a time

1. Get in touch via our website

Tell us what kind of viaggio you’re looking for: cultural, gastronomic, short, long, adventurous, relaxing, family, friends, city, countryside, beach or Baroque. Our Rome-based Travel Designers will review your comments and queries, and respond as quickly as possible.

2. A call to dive into the details

After a call with your itinerary travel designer to discuss what you like and how you want to feel, we'll share a personalized itinerary with flexible options depending on your budget and preferences. Following a bit of back and forth, and when you’re happy with your itinerary, a deposit confirms your viaggio.

3. Our team gets to work

Our Guest Relations team then becomes your best Italian pen-pal - sorting details, timings, and your final itinerary. Once you’re in Italy, they’ll also handle any last-minute issues or questions. Most clients like to do this all via WhatsApp, but email or phone is great too.

Amore in every corner

Italy is not a normal country, for no normal country could house both the quaint Venice and the cosmopolitan Milan. The grit of Naples and the glamor of Lake Como. The adventure of the Dolomites and the paradise of the Amalfi Coast.

Anywhere you go - Tuscany, Lazio, Campania - everyone is proud to be part of their region. We all want to raise the Italian flag higher, and it’s this desire that fuels our personalized, seamless and incomparable viaggi.

Peel back Italy's curtain

We'll help you find your way around Italy, even if that means getting ‘lost’. Anything is possible, but here are a few of our most-requested services.

Behind-the-scenes experiences

Enjoy the major Italian monuments in a completely private visit that beats the crowds and the noise. We’ll take you into the hidden treasures and secret rooms of some of Italy’s most-popular sites.

Hotel consultation

With a focus on independent and family-run hotels and villas, our address book includes the very best Italian properties and houses. And, because we’ve stayed in every single one, we know exactly which will suit you best. From the Grand Hotels of Excelsior Vittoria or Tremezzo. To Il Pellicano, Il Sereno, Le Sirenuse or Borgo Santo Pietro.

Customized requests

Need a helicopter in Tuscany? Want to organize a Michelin-starred dinner for a friend in Milan? Looking for a choir to sing for you and your loved one? The blue sky’s the limit with our address book full of the rare and remarkable.

Authentic cooking lessons

Set foot in an Italian house and learn how to make the must-know regional dishes from the head of the family and/or experienced local chefs. Eat your lessons and then return home ready to recreate your recipes.

Private yacht tours

Sail the Mediterranean, jump off the back of the boat, see the coast’s precious sites. Everything and everyone is at your disposal, with each yacht fully equipped with all that you need for a day on the water.

Private events

We can organize a private dinner, celebration or event anywhere in Italy. This includes corporate events for companies looking to surprise and delight their employees.

Personalized shopping tours

Whether you’re looking for a particular design of bag, a certain type of leather, or simply want to explore the best Italian makers and creators, we can tailor a shopping experience around your style.

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