image of a tents next to the seeA roof of a old Italian building A image of a bay between two buildings
Image of the coliseum in RomeA woman standing next to a rail fence with rock peaks on the background

The Anderson family's memory-filled Italian summer

image of a tents next to the see
Image of the coliseum in Rome
A roof of a old Italian building

For their 2023 holiday, Jane and Simon Anderson wanted to introduce their young family to Italy’s many delights in the most authentic way possible. This is why they reached out to Access Italy for support. What follows is Jane's journal from their viaggio...

Living la dolce vita
Simona - one of our local Travel Designers - designed the Anderson’s trip
“This was the Anderson’s first visit to Italy so the pressure was on to make it perfect! Jane wanted to avoid the tourist traps and queues, and get a balance of beach, city, food and history."



11 Jan

A family holiday to Italy sounded like a logistical nightmare and so I called Access Italy and said: “Rome, Capri, art and lemon gelatos. Can you help?” Yes they could! Nothing was a hassle and every idea and itinerary came with different options. I didn't think we'd be able to visit Venice, so hadn't even mentioned it, but Simona made it happen.

Image of beach chairs and umbrellas with the see on background
Once I’d spoken to Jane, I knew we had to get the Andersons to Capri. It perfectly fit their tastes. After a bit of research and logistics, a plan was hatched and the prosecco was put on ice.
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14 Jun

What a welcome!

As soon as we land at the airport, our chauffeur greets us and helps with our bags. The kids clap along to the Italian songs in the car as we quickly arrive at our hotel, which is beyond perfect. A beautiful hamper from Simona awaits us including an aperitivo, language book, disposable camera and games. The kids love it all and head straight to the pool!

"Thanks to our connections with hotels, our clients really do get a true Italian welcome when they check in. In our first call, Jane mentioned that the kids like taking photos, hence the camera."

15 Jun

Behind the mask in Venice

I wanted to learn about Venice’s famous canals and carnivals but I knew the kids wouldn't sit in one place for long. Simona suggested we do a mask-marking workshop as the masters give you a history of Venice while you create and decorate your own ornate mask. Everyone wins! The kids had such a fun time and their Venetian masks now hang on the wall at home.

Simona's thoughts
"Whatever the age or appetite of clients, we always find something that works for all. Venice has so many talented local craftsmen to meet. From mask-makers to glass-blowers and gondola-restorers."



16 Jun

Simon and I have always wanted to go to Capri, but I was nervous about getting there and being surrounded by so many tourists. “No problem,” said Simona. And she was right. We got a private boat from Naples to Capri and had a charming local meet us on the island. So simple. So stylish. A photo of us on the boat now sits on our mantlepiece.

Two people swimming underwater in a pool with crystal clean water
Simona's thoughts
"One of the most important parts of my job is to listen. To pick up any un-said anxieties or ambitions. Once I know these, everything’s smooth-sailing."
True luxury is slow days, complete peace of mind, and endless views of every shade of blue. I'll never forget the sailing trip we had around Capri with swims off the back of the boat and lunch at a restaurant on the rocks. Wine and magic in equal parts! With the hotel we stayed in, it really felt like we were in a world of our own.
Dishes and drinks arranged on a table
Simona's thoughts
“We really do know everyone in Italy, or at least have access to them. What’s more, they like us! This makes such a difference: anything is possible and our clients always get the very best.”
A woman standing next to a rail fence with rock peaks on the background
Image of a woman staring at the see with rocks on the background



20 Jun

After saying ‘arrivederci’ to Italy, we returned home full of memories. And photos! The kids took the disposable camera to the printers and they've stuck all the photos on their bedroom walls. It’s a cliché, but this really was a trip of a lifetime. We'll definitely be back, and we'll definitely be speaking to Access Italy again.

Image of a coast with boat in the see waterImage of a coffee and some juice on a white table
Simona's thoughts
“This is why I love what I do. You make memories possible and this forges a special bond. A client becomes a friend. So even after their viaggio ends, it’s never ‘goodbye’, just ‘speak again soon.’
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